Cordpro being used on shorelines for boats

Cordpro Mini being used on laptop cables

Cordpro CP100 being used on electric lawn mower























Comments & Reviews

"Save yourself time. Spare yourself lots of hassle. CordPro measures up and reels out with the best of them."
See the entire review here.
--Jason, Design Tips & Tool Reviews

"..As a result, my job sites are a lot less cluttered than they used to be. "
See the entire review here.
--Robert Ramirez,

" At the 2005 United States Sailboat Show, TSC interviewed CordPro's Dennis Miller about a device that takes the tangle out of these pesky snakes."
See the entire video here.
--The Sailing Channel

"CordPro is one of those simple, patented inventions that has you scratching your head and saying "Why didn't I invent this?". It turns that tangled cord into a neatly organized way to store all of your electrical cords."
See the entire review here.
--Ellen Valentine,

"My wife accused me of keeping everything (including stuff that's already fallen apart). I plan on never needing anymore extension cords after using Cordpro. No wear or tear, twisting or bunching. I'll never put an extension cord in or on another storage/use system!"
-- Dr. Carl Abbott, Optometrist

"Finally! A cure for cord chaos!"
-- Drew Heitzenrater, Clergyman

"I bought two of the Cordpros at a show to help keep the truck neater. We use 50' and 100' extension cords daily. The problem was getting my 5 man crew to put the cords back on a roll-up reel to keep them from tangling in the truck. Since the Cordpro stays with the cord, they always wind the cords up daily. I love it! They also like to use it on interior work where you need maybe 15' of cord -- you don't have to unroll the
whole thing."
-- Randy Stevens, Owner of Randy Stevens Painting, Inc.

"One of the best inventions of the 21st Century . . .
takes all the aggravation from storing extension cords!"
-- Jack A. Bebermeyer, Building Maintenance

"Absolutely the best cord reel I've ever used!"
-- Mike O'Laughlin, Firefighter

"I bought 4 last year . . . they didn't make it to my shop. I had been fighting with my speaker and power cables on my portable sound system for some time. They are with that system. These 4 are now for the shop."
-- Dennis Moen, Inspector

"Only reel I have ever used that works easily!"
-- John Stirnemer, Physician

"Great for keeping cords untangled . . . unwinds fast . . . store cord in a small space . . . winds up easy and fast . . . great gifts!"
-- Ron Bartekoske, Machine Operator

"Works great . . . now that you have a bigger one,
it's even better. Handle is great idea, too!"
-- Les Monroe, Mechanical Engineer

"Easy to load, even for a grandpa . . . works great!
I liked it so much, I bought 3 more - 1 son, 2 son-in-laws!"
-- Ron Philgreen, Investments



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